Tight tolerances, difficult to EDM mill and out of time. Sound familiar?

King Tek has the EDM knowledge, capacity for tight timelines, and experience for even the most technical designs.

CASE STUDY – The Problem:
Our customer, Dynamic Loop Inc., is an engineering company that specializes in CNC Milling of full-part fabrication, product design and automation. They came to King Tek asking for help with an extremely technical automotive engine housing part. The engine housing required extremely tight tolerances and was very difficult to EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining). Originally a proof of concept project, there had been many setbacks. Dynamic’s customer was delaying making a decision – and as a consequence, significantly reduced the production timeline of the housing. Then, as is typical in the industry, the timeline was accelerated.

The King Tek team met with the Dynamic engineers to determine a  timeline and to design a production solution. The delivery target was extremely tight, and had zero margin for errors or delays. King Tek knew they could deliver on the project. With their highly skilled EDM technicians, extensive experience and their stellar reputation, the team pulled together and went above and beyond to accomplish the mission on time. The team at King Tek is known industry-wide for their quick response, machining precision, attention to detail and dedication to serving the customer – not to mention their integrity to do it right.

The Solution:
King Tek pre-engineered the job, built two extra fixturing devices so that no time was wasted moving from one piece of equipment to another. All of the programming required for CNC EDM and materials needed were in place prior to receipt of the first part. King Tek staggered work shifts to allow for 16+ hours of daily production on multiple machines and with multiple setups. They also reduced idle delays between the steps of the job with their attention to detail and experience. King Tek prides itself on the ability to provide proactive solutions on all kinds of project scopes. Tight deadlines, all types of material and difficult and very technical machining designs, as well as expert machinists with a get-it-done attitude.

The Results:

14 automotive engine housings complete

4-day delivery target met with round the clock machining on multiple machines

0.0 defect rate [checkmark visual]

Dynamic Loop, Inc. King Tek clientKing Tek took a delayed project which originally was a proof-of-concept and delivered 14 automotive engine housing in 4 days. The shop machined for over 120 hours with their pre-engineered process on multiple machines to be able to deliver what they promised. The extra processing capabilities, organization and over 15+ years of machinists was just part of the success of this project.

Here is what Thanh Cao, Mechanical Engineer at Dynamic said:

“Gordon and his team at King Tek really went above and beyond for us so that we were able to deliver to our customer 14 bearing housings on time. After numerous delays and issues on our side of the house, the King Tek crew worked with us to develop a realistic game plan and then executed that plan flawlessly under some serious pressure and tight timelines. Many thanks to the entire crew for “parting the sea to make it happen”.

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